Welcome to Estonian skydiving club Dropzone Estonia

Tandem jumpYou are in good hands with the No.1 skydiving company in Estonia. Our team with an experience of 20 years takes care of you. Fulfill your dream of the free fall by skydiving with us

We make it easy to select only the best skydiving experiences in the best location.

We operate 1 of the best Skydiving locations in Estonia in Kuuziku, Rapla

The only self contained Skydiving club Dropzone Estonia in Estonia, 55min from the Tallinn center. The largest fleet of skydiving jet engine aircraft in Estonia. Magnificent views of the nature.

We work whole summer season from June till the end of August

Free fall – a special skydive system and a tandem pilot make it possible. For some people it is the fulfillment of an old dream, for others the last test before the own training course.

After approx. 20 minutes of briefing on the ground you are ready to fly. 15 minutes flying time and you are in 2500-4000 m height for your first jump. 

Your First Skydive…Tandem jump

Tandem jumpTandem skydiving is an incredibly easy, safe and enjoyable way to experience the excitement of skydiving without having to learn how.

Freefall at speeds of up to 120mph and enjoy breathtaking views during your canopy ride.

Feel a total sense of freedom while securely harnessed to your personal sky diving instructor. The exhilarating freefall combined with the peace and tranquility of the parachute ride makes your tandem skydive a unique experience you will never forget.

Maksimum value

  • Maximum height (4 km) and max freefall time (up to 1 min.)
  • Fast Jet engine aircraft with magnificent aerial views
  • Video option
  • Best price in Europe!
  • Book on-line instantly with Credit card
  • Unbeatable Specials for Groups, Students, Travelers and Backpacker


Preparing Altitude Price
15 min 2500 m.

180 €


Registration on a TANDEM JUMP:

Registration on a tandem jump

Name and Lastname
Your phone number
Payment method
Details (Date, How many jumpers and other information):


Bank transfer instructions:

If you decided to jump please transfer the money on a bank account, put the right ammount, right description. If you transfer money not from Estonia bank, transfer can take a 3-5 days. In description you must write: Connection Fee (Tandem jump), Name and Lastname
Bank information:
  • : Swedbank. Liivalaia 8 15040 Tallinn, Eesti
  • Account number: EE852200001120255640

When you can use your jump:

NB! Jump will be done with a good weather (you can check our jump calendar or call us). Before jumps please inform us when you will come. Call or write email. info@dropzone.ee ,phone +372 56354580